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* Has a big white countdown display * Big, colorful, and easy-to-read interface * Includes a help manual System Requirements * Windows Operating System 10.0 64-bit (SP1 or later) * 1 GHz Processor * 1GB RAM (minimum) * DirectX 9.0c compatible Install File SC_Timer Portable is a user-friendly tool that comes in the form of a simple executable file only. To use the application, run it from the Windows desktop. Execution When you execute the SC_Timer application, a countdown timer will appear. The main window will display a white countdown display with blue characters. For example, if the countdown is still counting down while you are typing, the text is in red letters. After each keystroke, the letter is replaced with a new one. Features The SC_Timer application is comprised of a few main windows that come with useful functions for helping you track time. The main window includes a countdown display for the public speaking time. If you press the button “Start”, the countdown timer starts counting down. If you press the button “Stop”, the countdown timer stops counting and displays the remaining time. One window helps you set your current time by displaying hours, minutes, and seconds. The same window includes a red/green message that displays warnings for (a) starting, (b) stopping, and (c) reaching the time limit. You can count up or down from your current time. How to Download For now, there is no exact info about how to download the SC_Timer Portable. However, you can try using the right-click menu on the file and selecting “Run as administrator”. The tool should then launch with the help of administrative privileges. You may also try searching the web about the topic. The link below comes on handy, especially when you try accessing the SC_Timer application via Web. Go to the official site of the software Final verdict In the course of our tests, we found that it’s hard to say if SC_Timer has been designed especially for public speakers or for a wider audience. It seems as if the application can be used by experts and amateurs alike. However, we would like to highlight two issues that should make users consider choosing another software if they would like to do the same thing. SC_Timer comes with a help manual a5204a7ec7

* Timer daemon; * Count from zero; * Reset/start, pause, stop and resume timers; * Set timer duration; * Start timers with adjustable scheduling; * Multiple timer sessions; * Visual timer, displayed in white or color, and with optional blue background; * Visual timer timer, a yellow display background for a countdown timer, red for a stop timer; * Visual timer timeout, with an optional warning display in red or yellow; * Set the current displayed time in hours, minutes, and seconds; * Set the timer start and stop time from the current time; * Count up or down; * Works with the registry or use a button to launch the application. For supported languages, see: Q: How to keep metadata logged in while changing multiple versions in a single file with Git? We have a Git repository with ~9000 files and we add new files every day. We would like to use a Git feature where we can change the content of a file while keep the metadata of the file. By metadata I mean versioning and other metadata. Example: # Old File: version 1 ... # Old File: version 2 ... # New File: version 1 ... # New File: version 2 ... # Old File: version 3 ... # New File: version 3 ... When we clone a new directory with this repository in it, the files in version 1 and version 2 are replaced with the new versions, but the metadata in the files still refers to the old versions. We can resolve this issue by creating a git submodule in the main directory, but a lot of files is a problem, and we'd like to resolve this with just git command line. Is there a way to achieve this? A: I don't know much about the metadata you mentioned. But, if you want to change the content of a file while keeping the metadata, for example, commit the file to separate a branch, make sure it's off-line before commit, and merge again after the commit, it's what I like the most.


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